More than just a bakery

We believe in giving back to the community! - Make A Wish Foundation


Through Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore, Chubby Bubs learnt that there is a 8 year old boy who battled brain cancer. He is a robot enthusiast who adores Lego. We were touched by his story and his great determination. And we were absolutely thrilled to know that he was celebrating his birthday along with a 1 year anniversary of defeating cancer & we wanted to fulfil his wish of having a Lego inspired cake! 

Happy birthday little champ!

We believe in giving back to the community! - It's Raining Raincoats


After hearing the story that led to this movement, we were immensely touched and excited.  This has always been something that we wanted to pursue: to touch the life of the less fortunate.  Be grateful for what we have and to pay it forward!

As individual, through a community with a common goal, we can accomplish great things and make a difference together! Always remember that a simple gesture and an act of kindness can make a big impact on people's lives!

A picture speaks a thousand words! So awesome that there are so many likeminded people coming together to give goodies to the workers.  Even the staff from MOM and LTA and our Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad came!